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Elrond is a blockchain-based platform built for speed, security and scalability, while maintaining low transaction fees. The integrated smart contract execution engine built on WASM, supports the most popular programming languages used by developers.

With its Adaptive state sharding and Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) protocols, Elrond distinguishes itself from other networks and brings an exciting approach to blockchain scalability and sustainability, featuring unprecedented transaction speeds and throughput numbers. These are the right ingredients for a future-proof network.

The EGLD token governs the network through staking and serves as the medium of exchange between users and developers (who pay transaction fees to use the network), and validators (who get those fees as reward for the services they provide).

Elrond claims to have become carbon negative by offsetting more CO2 than its network accounts for, which is a revolutionary milestone to bringing sustainability to blockchain innovation.

As an experienced validator, we help to keep the Elrond network secure by running enterprise grade validator nodes. Our decentralised team of experts and automated monitoring tools ensure our infrastructure is up and running 24/7.

You can also contribute to the networks' security and earn rewards at the same time by staking your EGLD tokens! Find out how with one of our easy step-by-step staking guides: