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This guide shows how you can provide liquidity in the ATOM/OSMO pool.
However, please note that you can choose to provide liquidity to any other pool of your choice.
The steps are exactly the same.

How to provide liquidity on Osmosis


Before continuing with this guide please be sure that:

Providing liquidity on Osmosis is pretty easy when you follow these few steps:

1. Go to the Active pools page on

Which you can easily access by clicking this link

Pool page

Select the ATOM/OSMO Pool #1 to proceed.

Or another pool you want to provide liquidity to

2. Provide your liquidity

Click on the "Add/Remove liquidity" button on the top of the page to get started.

Select pool

You'll get this screen where you have to decide how much liquidity of each token you wish to provide. According to the weights in the pool you will have to provide liquidity according to the ratio.

Press Add liquidity to continue.

As a final step, you have to approve the transaction by choosing the transaction fee, and you're all set!


You have now succesfully provided liquidity on Osmosis!

3. Stake your LP tokens to earn rewards on your provided liquidity

When you provide liquidity to an LP pool, you get LP tokens as as a reward that can be used for other purposes.
These LP tokens can be staked to earn income on your provided liquidity.

Click on the "Start Earning button to continue.

Start earning

You will get to see this screen where you'll have to decide on the unbonding period.

!!!Do keep in mind that in order to be eligible for superfluid staking you have to choose the 14 days unbondingn period

Decide on how many of you LP tokens you want to stake and hit "Approve".
Approve the transaction by choosing the transaction fee, and you're ready to start earning rewards on your provided liquidity!