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This staking guide shows how you can stake with
However, please note that you can use any other validator of your choice.
Read our article why it is important to spend some time choosing the right validator before you stake.

How to stake OSMO tokens on Keplr


Before continuing with this guide please be sure that:

  • You have a Keplr wallet
  • You have installed the mobile Keplr app for iOS or Android
  • You have OSMO tokens in your Keplr wallet
  • You know what staking is.
  • You understand the risks involved with staking

1. Select the Osmosis network in the Keplr mobile app

Open the Keplr mobile app on your device and select the Osmosis network from the available network list.
You'll get to see an overview of the your current OSMO balance that is on your Keplr wallet.


2. Choose as your validator

When you've selected the Osmosis network in the app, click on the Stake button to see the list of all active validators.
To find us, you can either scroll down the list until you find our logo or type in in the search bar on top.


Once you've found us, tap to continue.
This screen will pop up and give you some more info about

Want to get more info about this commission fee? Go towhat is a validator fee?
To proceed, hit the Stake button.

3. Choose the amount you wish to delegate

Before you continue to stake, it's very important to understand the concept of an unbonding period. If you don't know what an unbonding period is, we suggest you to first read the guide on what is an unbonding period?

Once you understand what it means and you've decided how many tokens you wish to stake, fill in the amount and choose the transaction fee (low, average or high). The higher the fee you are willing to pay, the faster the transaction will be completed.
Why are there transaction fees?

Hit stake, wait for the transaction to be completed and finish of by hitting the Confirm button when it's done.



You have now succesfully staked your OSMO tokens!

4. Claim rewards and restake regularly to benefit from compounding effects

Make sure to go back to the overview to see the status of your delegation and to claim your rewards:

You can claim your pending rewards by clicking on the Claim button next to My rewards.
These rewards will be added to your available OSMO balance which you can find above your staked amount.