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This staking guide shows how you can stake with
However, please note that you can use any other validator of your choice.
Read our article why it is important to spend some time choosing the right validator before you stake.

How to stake eGLD on Maiar


Before continuing with this guide please be sure that:

  • You have an Elrond wallet OR You've created a wallet using the Maiar app.
  • You have installed the mobile Maiar app for iOS or Android
  • You have at least one eGLD tokens in your wallet
  • You know what staking is.
  • You understand the risks involved with staking


Staking eGLD requires a minumum delegation of 1 eGLD.
If you don't have this amount in your wallet, you will not be able to stake.

1. Set up the Maiar app on your mobile device

If you've installed the Maiar app already and created your wallet in the app, you can skip ahead to Step 2.

When you first open the Maiar app, you will get to see a few startup screens with more info about Maiar and eGLD coins.
Go through the different screens until you get the last one that gives you following two options:

  • Import excisting wallet
  • Create new wallet

Choose the first option if you already own an Elrond wallet.
If you haven't created an Elrond wallet, please check out this guide or create one in the Maiar app.


Once your wallet is linked/created, we can get started.

2. Choose as your validator

Go to your dashboard or "VAULT" page in the app, and hit the Earn button on the right.
You will be redirected to your staking overview, where you can click Stake.

A list of all active validators will pop up to whom you can delegate your eGLD tokens.
To find us, you can either scroll down the list until you find our logo or type in in the search bar on top.

Once you've found us, tap the Continue button.

3. Choose the amount you wish to delegete

You will be asked to fill in the amount of eGLD you wish to stake. Fill it in manually or press the MAX button on the left to fill in the maximum available amount according to your wallet balance.

Once you're ready, hit Continue once again.

Remember that this method requires a minimum delegation of 1 eGLD

Before you continue to stake on the next screen, it's very important to understand the concept of an unbonding period. If you don't know what an unbonding period is, we suggest you to first read the guide on what is an unbonding period?

Once you understand what it means, hit Stake to finalise your transaction and done!


You have now succesfully staked your eGLD tokens!

4. Claim rewards and restake regularly to benefit from compounding effects

Make sure to go back to the staking overview to see the status of your delegation and to claim pending rewards.

You can claim your pending rewards by clicking on the blue Claim button
These rewards will be added to your available eGLD balance which you in your wallet overview.

Or you can choose to directly restake your rewards with the same validator or other any other one by choice by clicking on the green Stake button.