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This guide shows how you can stake with
However, please note that you can use any other validator of your choice.
Read our article why it is important to spend some time choosing the right validator before you stake.

How to use Superfluid staking on Osmosis

This is a general guide we use the ATOM/OSMO pool as an example, but you can easily follow the same steps with other pools that will become available in the future.


Before continuing with this guide please be sure that:

Superfluid staking on Osmosis is pretty easy when you follow these few steps:

1. Go to the Active pools page on

Which you can easily access by clicking this link

Select Pool

Select the ATOM/OSMO Pool #1 to proceed.

Note that as of 1st March 2022, superfluid staking has only been enabled for this pool. More pools will be added in the future

2. Enable superfluid staking to earn extra rewards on your assets

If you have provided liquidity to the ATOM/OSMO pool with a unboning period of 14 days, you will see a new button "Go Superfluid"

Note that superfluid staking is only available for liquidity that was provided with a 14 day unbonding period. If you provided liquidity with 1 or 7 days unbonding, you will need to unbond and get into the 14 day unbonding period to enable superfluid staking.

Click on the button to continue and see the list of available validators.

Go Superfluid

3. Choose as your validator

This screen will pop up and show you the bonded liquidity you have provided (with 14 days unbonding) and the estimated amount of OSMO that is available for superliquid staking on the bottom.

To proceed, you will first have to choose your validator to which you want to delegate your liquid assets.

You can either do this by scrolling down in the list until you find our logo or type in in the search bar on the upper right side.

Once you've found it, select it and click on the Bond & Stake button.


You have now activated Superfluid staking on Osmosis and will start to earn extra rewards on your assets.

You can now see the overview of your Superfluid stake and the estimated APR that you are earning on the provided liquidity.