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Unbonding period

What is an unbounding period?

Staking usually requires an unbonding period, which is the period of time your funds are locked before they can be sold or transferred again. This ranges from a few days to as long as four months depending on the validator. does not impose any minimum staking period but you will be subject to an unbonding period of 14 days.

What does this mean?

  • The unbonding period of 14 days implicates that you will have to wait 14 days until your staked amount can be liquid again. Or in other words, when it will be available in your wallet.
  • During the unbonding period, you will no longer receive staking rewards. If you still had some pending rewards to claim, these will no longer grow when you start the unbonding of your staked tokens.
  • The unbonding is irreversible. If you’ve changed your mind after a few days, it will not be possible to cancel the unbonding of your staked tokens.

Taking into account the unbonding period of 14 days, you can always unstake or undelegate your tokens whenever you want to.