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How to create a Persistence Wallet

In order to be able to stake XPRT, you will need to create a Persistence Wallet.
Go to the Persistence wallet page and hit the Create Wallet button.


Take a moment to read the important notice on the following screen and click Next.

You will get to see a random list of words what is called the Mnemonic Seed Phrase.
Don't be to quick to click on Next, because this phrase is very important!


It’s very important to save this Mnemonic Seed phrase somewhere safe, because this will be the key to get access to your wallet.
Not only the words, but also the order of the words is important. Anyone who has access to this phrase, may take all of the assets you hold in that wallet. So don’t share this with anyone.
Pesistence uses seed phrases of 24 words because the more words you have, the more secure your phrase is.

Only when you've stored your Mnemonic seed phrase safely, click on Next. A few words will be left out of the phrase and you will be asked to fill in the gaps to regenerate the original Mnemonic phrase as a safety measure.

Hit Submit to continue creating your wallet.

After you've submitted the correct Mnemonic Phrase, you will be asked to generate a KeyStore File.
Click on the link and choose a strong password that you will need to log in to your wallet.

KeyStore File

Submit your password and save the KeyStore File somewhere save.
Once you've saved the file on a secure location, hit Done and you'll be redirected to the previous screen.

Now that the KeyStore File has been created and you've secured it with a password, click on Next.
Your unique and personal wallet address will be shown in the next screen and you will be asked to Log in
(There is no need to write down the address or save it somewhere, as this will always be accessable on your wallet dashboard)



You have succesfully created your Persistence wallet!

In most cases you will automatically be redirected to the wallet dashboard page and you won't need the KeyStore File to log in to your newly created wallet. But if you would like to login on a different browser for example, you might need it to get access.

In that case you click on the Sign in button in the right upper corner of the page.

Sign in

Select to sign in by using the KeyStore File option.
Enter the password that you chose to chose when creating the KeyStore File, upload the file itself and hit Next. The same Login screen will apear and it will redirect you to the dashboard of your Persistence Wallet.

Sign In KeyStore