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How to create a Keplr wallet

In order to be able to stake on Keplr, you will need to create a Keplr Wallet first.
Go to the Keplr wallet app and install the browser extension to start using Keplr.

The Keplr app extention for desktop only works for Chrome.
So if your not working in Chrome, be sure to first go ahead and download the Chrome browser


Click on “Install for Chrome”, allow the extension to be added and a Keplr symbol will appear in the right upper corner next to your search bar:

Click on the Keplr extension icon you’ve just added and create a new account.
(If you already have a Keplr wallet but did not yet add the extension for your current device, you can import an existing account.)

You will get to see a random list of words what is called the Mnemonic Seed Phrase and be asked to give your account a name and create a password.


It’s very important to save this Mnemonic Seed phrase somewhere safe, because this will be the key to get access to your wallet.
Not only the words, but also the order of the words is important. Anyone who has access to this phrase, may take all of the assets you hold in that wallet. So don’t share this with anyone.
You are able to choose a phrase that consists of 12 or 24 words. The more words you have, the more secure your phrase is, but this choice is up to you.

The name of the account is of lesser importance as this can always be changed in the future.
Choose a safe password, confirm it and click next.

To finish the creation of your wallet, you will now be asked to regenerate the Mnemonic Seed phrase.
As we said before, the order in which the words are ranked is important!

Hit register and you are good to go!


You have succesfully created your Keplr wallet!