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How to create a cosmostation wallet

In order to create a cosmostation wallet, you will have to download the mobile aplication on your phone:

Once you are all set up, open the app.
Hit Start and choose the network you want to set up your wallet with.

If you want to create a wallet for more than one network, you can easily add them to your account once you've created your initial wallet

Finally, click Create to set up your wallet.


You will see a screen with a table of 24 cells of which the content is still hidden.
To show the words in these cells, you have to understand the importance of your Mnemonic seed phrase!

The reveal your seedphrase, click on Show Mnemonics and create a safe password consisting of 4 numbers and a letter.

Make sure you remember this code, because it can not be recoverred and the placing of the numbers and letters will be different every time you want to do a transaction.


It’s very important to save this Mnemonic Seed phrase somewhere safe, because this will be the key to get access to your wallet.
Not only the words, but also the order of the words is important. Anyone who has access to this phrase, may take all of the assets you hold in that wallet. So don’t share this with anyone.


Once you've stored your Mnemonic seed phrase somewhere safe and picked a password, your wallet is ready!
You can now transfer funds to your wallet and start staking.