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Medibloc is creating a patient-centered health data ecosystem that can protect individual privacy and maximize the reliability of health data by developing a high-performance blockchain optimized for health data exchange. They call it Panecea. This is important to finally have sovereignty over our own personal data and use our health information according to our own needs.

Producers of health data can issue signed credentials using a decentralized identifier (DID) to patients, enabling them to have ownership over their data or share it with other data consumers.

All participants in the MediBloc health data ecosystem from medical professionals to research institutes, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies will have opportunities to earn MED coin rewards based on their contributions.

Your health data is NOT recorded directly on the blockchain because it is sensitive and personal. Therefore, the data is stored and managed only at the user’s endpoint. The data is encrypted and transmitted to a separate channel to ensure high data security during the data sharing process. Additionally, the Panacea-based DID is used to guarantee data reliability.

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